About Us

Onehubshop (OHS) is an e-commerce company, the online company operates globally with a specific focus of Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Dubai, Sweden, Spain and Uganda. Onehubhsop is a start up company positioning itself to become a leading online shopping hub in the region and throughout the world. The company offers online services and gives customers a uniform and easy way to purchase, sell and shop online while offering consumers a convenient, centralized online location to shop. Customers can easily buy or sell items from onehubshop.com.

Onehubshop online site offers a seller-to-customer solution and a business-to-business solution to online sellers. It gives an opportunity to local, regional and international sellers to easily reach their customers. The company initiates a close partnership with its sellers and ensures customers and sellers enjoy strong connections with reliable, fast and secure online shopping experience and to either sell or buy new or used things.